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Version 16
August 01 2018 :: Montreal

"Aviva for Desktops version 16" is officially released. The release focuses on deployment, configuration, security, privacy and Windows 10 tablet mode.

Version 15
January 01 2016 :: Montreal

"Aviva for Desktops version 15" is officially released. The release focuses on Windows 10 support, including IPv6, Windows FIPS mode for encrypted connections, TLS version 1.2 and SSH.

Version 14
January 01 2014 :: Montreal

"Aviva for Desktops version 14" is officially released. The release focuses on Windows 8 support, including tablets and touch-screen devices, SSH security for all terminals and printers, and support for the the latest TN3270E protocol enhancements.

Version 12
November 18 2011


"Aviva for Desktops version 12" is officially released. The release focuses on enhanced security such as TLS/SSL support, client and server certificates, integration with Windows certificate management, and usability enhancements, such as full screen mode.

Certified Windows 7 compliant
March 18 2010 :: Montreal

"Aviva for Desktops" has attained the Windows 7 Logo compliant certificate in order to comply with Microsoft's standards and regulation. "Aviva for Desktops" had surpassed all hurdled and is now certified Windows 7 compliant.

January 08 2010 :: Montreal

The much awaiting new Aviva for Desktops Windows 7 is now available to download. With enhanced API for SSL support and with even more advanced support for virtualization, Aviva for DesktopsWindows 7 is now available.

November 18 2009 :: Montreal

Aviva Solutions is in its final stages of releasing its product Aviva for Desktop Windows 7 compatible with Microsoft's Windows 7. High expectations are met for release of this product from clients. Pre-release version of Aviva for Desktop is available on request. To request for a pre-release please contact

November 18 2009 :: Montreal

Aviva Solutions is introducing another product that supports streamless compatibility for enterprise requirements. Aviva Solutions is drawing specs for a new server release which ensures full compatibility with Micorsoft Server 2008 and 2003 keeping in mind clients on Windows XP, Vista and newly released Windows 7. This release will provide solutions to critical server requirements for enterprises who are engaged with technologies like Folder redirection, SCCM2007 and futu...   [ Read More ]

Our new website is up and running!
September 08 2009 :: testMontreal, Canada

The new Aviva Website is now live and ready to welcome customers from all around the world!

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